Momchilovtsi, MTS03 House Usmivka

Външна мазилка
Вътрешна мазилка
Наличие на ток
Наличие на вода
Наличие на газ
1 брой
Price of the house
180.000 €

Сателитна телевизия
Лятна градина
Обслужване по стаите
Wi-Fi Интернет
Ламиниран паркет
Бани с бойлер

Newly built detached house "Smile" - the year of construction 2007

Owner's Name .............................. not filled
Phone owner ..................... .ne be filled
How long will it take before the order - one day
Who has the keys of the house - "Mountain Paradise" Ltd. - Momchilovci
Price the seller wants to receive - 180 000E
Willingness to negotiate tsenata YES
How many house owners have two families - 4 persons more
Deed TO
Location - Momchilovtsi
 Address - Str. Lily of water 80
 Nearby cities - Pamporovo, Smolyan, Bathrooms and spa resort Chepelare, Plovdiv, Zlatograd, Ksanti- northern Greece
 View from the house courtyard YES, wonderful views of the tower "Snow White" -Pamporovo coniferous forest and forest neighbors - in the neighboring plot has designed a family house for sale
Type fence - wood
Asphalt road to the property
Type of building new
Types of construction concrete brick
Availability of electricity TO
Availability of water
Availability of gas is not
Own water well -DO - central sewerage
New electrical 2007.
Drain - new pit
Plot size 400sq.m
Regulated Is parcel
Is it possible to purchase adjacent parcel
Rooms on floors:
First floor - self separate twin beds + sofa, bathroom, kitchen, on the same floor in the hallway separate luggage room.
Second floor - utility room, fully equipped kitchen, large dining room, fireplace, living room. The stove is 27KW, with a water jacket heats the whole house.
Third floor - three bedrooms, of which two bedrooms and another room with two single beds, two bathrooms and toilets.
The house is newly built area of ​​240 m2, quality construction, insulation, central heating wood, well-maintained. Sold with furniture.
Important distances:
10 km. ski center "cardboard"
15 km. the town. Smolyan
80 km. Plovdiv International Airport
240 km. Sofia Airport
20 km. ski resort Chepelare
18 km. Pamporovo ski resort
60 km. to the border with Greece - Zlatograd
150 km. to the White Sea - Northern Greece
30 km. Bathrooms and a famous spa center
Momchilovtsi is a place that will make you spiritually rich, free and updated. Here nature will reveal their secrets and give you of his unique gifts! Use them and you will feel as never before. Feel the true flavor and taste of nature ... Breathe deeply and enjoy your fill of fresh, healing pine air ...
Momchilovtsi is a place rich in culture and history, diverse and pristine nature are preserved many traditions and customs. Touching to all that in your hearts you will always have a special place for this little oasis!

Here are some things that will make you feel re-charged, full of energy and zest for life:
SKI AND SNOWBOARD - if you Momchilovci guests in winter, do not miss to enjoy the winter landscape and some sport on the ski slopes in Pamporovo or in the "Water Lily", where the ski and snowboard park. Only 7-8 km. from here. Do not be afraid if you are a beginner, qualified ski and snowboard teachers will help you and make your training unforgettable ...

Hikes - beautiful in spring, hot summer and autumn days you can enjoy the wonderful scenery, passing through some of the walking routes.
       You will enjoy the beauty of the mountain and the entire splendor!

Bicycle tours - walk in bicycle around the village. Wonderful and helpful! And if you are a cyclist who need longer tours will offer cycling map of the area.

Picking berries and herbs / rosehips, thyme, St. John's wort, yarrow, Balkan tea coltsfoot, hawthorn, raspberry, red and blueberries, strawberries / - during the summer and autumn months, be sure to take advantage of the gifts of nature ! They will not only keep you warm during the long winter days, and will donate with cheerfulness and will make you healthy, strong.

FISHING - Fish lovers will offer a. Smilian where you can sialic fresh trout for dinner ..... And if you're "enthusiastic" fisherman "Haidouk meadows" will be a wonderful place for you.

HORSE RIDING - perfect riding instructors will make your stay in Momchilovci even more exciting and rewarding. The base is located in. Levochevo, only 15km. from here. It is worth to visit it!

FOLK DANCES - once a week in the "Light" with. Momchilovci organize dances. Try not quite as difficult as it seems ...
SIGHTSEEING MOMCHILOVTSI - be sure to visit the Ethnographic Museum in the village where carefully collected history Momchilovci Church "St. Konstantin and Elena "healing spring, many perched on each hill chapels, each with its unique history. Look at night to cross two - east and west, remember useshtaneto..Vizhte Kamemnnite fountains made with much love and craftsmanship. Log in carpentry workshop, where there will be no need to speak to you, because the tree only spoke ...

       Climb on Dupchov and Karzhaliyskiya stone - breccias left from ancient times and they will remind you of former battle the elements when Momchilovci was Paleogene bottom of a large lake ...

       Visit "The three spouts" shelter "Zora" - unique works of local nature lovers! Here buy Vasil has put his soul is put craftsmanship, love and respect for Mother Nature! And along with all this, ask for local traditions, legends and customs ... we are ready to tell you them. Read and remember some of the interesting stories Candle. Konstantin Kanev, transmitted from generation to generation and will always be alive ...
And of course, do not leave without you tried the unique local dishes ... ..

Attractions in the area:
Wonderful bridges - 60 km.
Jagodinska - 65 km.
Trigrad Gorge - 65 km.
Hut "Momchil" made with love by local craftsmen masons, carvers and others. - 12km.
C. Smolyan, which are: The church "St. Vissarion Smolenski "ROME-town. Smolyan, sculptures of "Orpheus and Eurydice" Revival houses, Art Gallery, Natural Science Museum - 20 km.
PLANETARIUM - GR. Smolyan - 20 km.
National Astronomical Observatory BP. Rozhen - 10 km.
Momchil Fortress - 30 km.
Cross Forest - 50 km.
ETHNOGRAPHIC architectural reserve town. Zlatograd - 60 km.
PEAK "Snow White" - 20 km.

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