Where is Momchilovtsi ?


Where is Momchilovtsi ?

  Momchilovtsi is located in the southeast slopes of the Prespa-Perelik share of the Central Rhodopes. The rivers Smal Arda and the White, which spring from Radyuva Mountain, with their upper course surround the village. And right here in this bottom of one-time pool, on its sandy sediments, among hills and hills are naturally perched the houses of the village on the slopes.

When the passenger walks through The Rozhen Passe, he sees stretched with all its greatness Rhodopean panorama of Ardinska valley and at the foot of the pass is a village Sokolovtsi. On 10 minutes away from it, nestled behind Lyaskata "hidden by the Rozhen wind oversee the white-stone houses of the village. Only the large blocks of former cooperatives buildings show that in the flanks of the mountain land there is a great settlement.

Momchilovtsi not seem so when we come on the road along the Little Arda - Petkovo, Slaveyno. Right there on the place named Druma, it suddenly stands out with its majesty. As a bird's eye view of the green tops are revealed, fence hills and deep valleys. And among these three pyramidal Hills - St. Dimitar, St. Ilia, St. Atanas "the village is tucked and they stand as a watchman kept homes of settlers.

Immediate neighboring settlements of the Momchilovtsi are:

  • Sokolovtsi 3 km
  • Kutela 10km
  • Vievo 7km
  • Chepelare 12km
  • Laki 27 km

The village is situated 240 km. from Sofia, 80 km. from the Plovdiv airport, 14 km. from the district town of Smolyan and the same distance from world famous ski resort Pamporovo. 6 km. southwest stands the highest peak in the Rhodopes - Grand Perelik - one of the 100 National Tourist Sites. Rozhen saddle is located 4km. west of the village. 3 km. southeast is the White River. Momchilovtsi is connected to all surrounding villages with well asphalted roads.