Today momchilovtsi is a modern place for tourism and in four seasons at that!
The wonderful landscape, quietness, fresh air and nice service, as well as the proximity to the major ski centers Pamporovo, Chepelare and sport center "Kartola", are an excellent premise for an unforgettable vacation.

Many of the village go hiking trails passing along the meadows and ancient forests, rising to historic sites Momina Voda, Rozhen, Hajdushki meadows, to the chalets Momchil hero and Prespa, and to the National Astronomical Observatory of Rozhen.

In Momchilovtsi 6 family hotels are working and licensed rooms with a total of 280 beds and welcome guests from all around the world.
In the taverns and restaurants, recreating traditional Rhodope atmosphere may experience unique Rhodope cuisine, and to hear the incredible sound of folk songs. The settlement provides all conditions for ecological and rural tourism.

Qualified ski and snowboard teachers will teach all types of ski sports and mountain guides will show you the sights of the village and its surroundings.

You will see interesting caves, monuments of culture, favorite localities. You can also enjoy biking, photo hunting, fishing, nature reserves and protected areas. You can rent a leader, to pick herbs alone, berries and mushrooms. You will learn also by which herbs only can be made Rhodopean tea.

At the moment the village is a partner of working project for establishing VASE (voluntary, academic, scientific and educational) tourist center in Momchilovtsi.
The purpose for developing of such type of tourism, offered on a Project for establishing a Center for Volunteer, Academic, Scientific and Educational tourism, is gradually changing the landscape of the tourist flow and changing Bulgaria and place where people want to deal with science to conduct their trainings and can work with local people and support them in accomplishing a task as volunteers.

The project is implemented by the National Movement Bulgarian heritage in partnership with the Municipality of Smolyan and the West-Norwegian Research Institute with financial support from the Norwegian government through the Norwegian cooperation program for economic growth and sustainable development in Bulgaria.
It is also designed Resort Tourist Core Momchilovtsi in place "Hajdushki Poliani (meadows) and Momchil Yunak (hero).