Ahrida - this is not the name of some exotic island, as many searchers of strong experiences would suggest. For centuries the name "Ahrida" was a holy symbol of harmony between man and nature, the name of the oldest Balkan land, the Old Bulgarian name of the Orpheus Mountain and the snowy mountain of the Thracians. Today this is the mountain, which kept a unique part of the virgin nature of Bulgaria, Europe and worldwide. These are Our Rhodope Mountains ... Goritse, finely, green (part of folk song)...

Here you will see wonderful views, ancient forests and biodiversity, in fact; you will feel all the majesty of the nature. You'll see so much beauty in one place!

We are surrounded by nature, which gives us a feeling of endless freedom, a sense of eternity and sustainability. Such was known by the people before us, so we want it to remain for all who will come after us ...

Even with the release of the first snowdrop and crocus in spring, everything is waking up with renewed vigor and thirst for new life. The summer is the best right here, autumn is incredibly soft and beautiful, and during the winter, the white sports fans feel the full merger with the nature, the crackle  of the sparks in the fireplace and unforgettable feeling of freedom from care. It is so beautiful that you want to drink in everything down to the last details, in order to take it with you everywhere you go.

The Prespanski Ridge of the Rhodope, where is located the village of Momchilovtsi, is characterized by flat plateau crest and deep carved valleys and valley widening. Fascinating is this mountain region, which established the land of the village.

Geological tests show that the Momchilovska valley was once a bottom of Paleogene Lake. The waters of that lake, which is 15 kilometers long,  in the North reached Mogilata, Lenishta, Rozhen and Sakarka, and in the South  - the beginning of the village Vlahovo.

A perfect proof of the existence of this large lake is relatively sandy sediments in the region of St. Athanas, Lyaskata, Klisurata (thegorges), Haramlitsko, Katralnitsata, Gramatitskoto and others. The main material, from which was built this area, is sandstone. All land, which has hundreds of meters thick, is built from this material. After the sandstone come breccias – hard rock of ribbed pieces with a size of walnut, up to ten meters thick. Consisting of different materials, they are firmly cemented with sand and clay.

Such breccia is Dupchov Stone, which stands as sentinel to the east of the village. Also this breccia is Karzhaliyskiya Stone. It tells to the geologist those troubled times and life of nature, where water and rocks fight incompatibly.

Finally are parts of conglomerate. The rest area of Momchilovtsi is composed of crystalline rocks, gneiss and schist. There are also small patches of marble.

Momchilovskoto relief is very high and cut by numerous gullies. The village, situated in the valley part, is surrounded by coniferous forests, green meadows and trees. The area, which average slope is 20%, is very steep, heavily folded, with a strongly catchnent and watershed lines. Areas with slopes up to 10% can be met on the place named Momina Voda and Kyurtyovoto.
The slope, where is spread the village very naturally, is with southeast exposure and altitude 1070-1280 meters.